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Dick’s Sporting Goods Sides With Anti-Gunners… BOYCOTT Time

Another knee-jerk reaction from a company who apparently isn’t aware of their core shopping demographic. What Dick’s Sporting Goods just announced will hopefully leave them eventually bankrupt, as millions of conservatives who used to shop there will now refuse to do so.

It’s important that we spread the word around everywhere that Dick’s thinks that BANNING the AR-15 for sale will somehow stop evil people from doing harm unto others…

Breitbart reports:

Dick’s Sporting Goods made a February 28 announcement informing the public that the retail chain will end “assault-style rifles”–again.
The retail chain made a similar announcement days after a gunman carried a stolen AR-15 and handgun into a gun-free zone and killed 26 innocents.

On December 18, 2012, Breitbart News reported that DICK’S Sporting Goods was suspending sales of “modern sporting rifles,” a moniker that encompasses AR-15s, AK-47s, and similar firearms. CNN reported that DICK’S expunged “modern sporting rifles” from its website on the same day.

Dick’s is now in wash, rinse, repeat mode. In the wake of the February 14 Florida school shooting they are again announcing an end to “assault-style rifle” sales:

Dick’s most current plan to quit selling “assault-style rifles” comes after admitting that the Florida school gunman legally purchased a shotgun from one of the retailer’s stores. The school gunman did not use the shotgun in his attack.

Dick’s tweeted, “[The shotgun] was not the gun, nor type of gun, [the gunman] used in the shooting. But it could have been.”

SHARE this if you’ll never shop at Dick’s ever again, as long as they keep banning firearms from law-abiding American citizens!

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