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Democrats Refuse To Pass Bill To Stop Family Separation Issue At Border

The Democrats and the liberal media — two entities who have made the most noise about the child “internment” camps on the U.S. border (which are more like summer camps), are going to have a lot of explaining to do today.

They just flat out refused to pass new legislation to fix the problem. But you can bet that today they’ll be on television, crying and raging once again. They’ve literally weaponized these children for nothing more than political gain.

DailyWire reports:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) rejected a GOP legislative proposal on Tuesday that would fix the border separation issue that has consumed the national news cycle over the last week.

“There are so many obstacles to legislation and when the president can do it with his own pen, it makes no sense,” Schumer said, according to The Hill. “Legislation is not the way to go here when it’s so easy for the president to sign it.”

“How many times has immigration legislation passed in this Congress? How many times?” Schumer continued. “Zero. It’s an excuse from our Republican colleagues who feel the heat, don’t want to attack the president, even though they know, they know legislation will take a very long time and is unlikely to happen, and the flick of a president’s pen could solve this tomorrow.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had said earlier in the day that he wanted the Senate to take up the bill immediately so they could put a permanent fix in place that would stop families from being separated at the border.

“We hope to reach out to the Democrats to see if we can get a result,” McConnell said. “Which means making a law and not get into some sparring match back and forth that leads to no conclusion.”

Schumer refused to answer if Democrats would work with Republicans on a legislative fix for the issue, saying, “Let’s hope we never get to that. Let’s hope the president does the right thing and solves the problem, which he can do.”

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