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Democrat Almost Stands Up For Trump… Then Schumer Shoots Evil Look His Way

During President Trump’s historic State of the Union address, Democrats couldn’t have been more humiliated. With the economy roaring, sky-high job growth and the lowest black unemployment rate in history, you’d think Democrats would set aside party politics and recognize how great that is.

But they didn’t. They sat in their little chairs and pouted all night. It was really quite embarrassing to watch them not applause items that apply to all Americans, like higher wages, lower taxes and general prosperity. It truly made them look stupid?

One Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin, seemed like he was just about to come to his senses and began to stand up — that is until Lord Chucky Schumer shot a nasty look his way and immediately corrected his behavior.


This is yet another reason why the American public will overwhelmingly ignore Democrats during the 2018 election. Like Trump or not, America is prospering under his command and Democrats are literally embarrassing themselves by not showing at least some level of unity for the country and setting party politics aside.

But while Manchin showed some level of common sense, he’s still a hardline Democrat and earlier today, Manchin begged Trump not to release the FISA memo… Roll Call reports:

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin on Wednesday urged President Donald Trump not to release a memo compiled by Republicans about alleged abuses by the FBI in the Russia investigation.

The Democrat has occasionally voted to confirm Trump’s nominees and hails from a state that voted overwhelmingly for the president.

But Manchin told CBS News that it would be “wrong” to release the memo Republicans compiled that is critical of the FBI and its investigation into Trump’s campaign.

“I would definitely say, Mister President, please don’t do that, that is wrong, it is absolutely wrong,” Manchin said. “The Senate Intelligence Committee is the only thing we have left that can put confidence into the system and also into the investigation.”

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