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David Hogg Just Launched a New Boycott… And It’s Embarrassing

For some reason — even though his Constitutional and firearms knowledge is severely limited — the liberal media is still pushing teenager David Hogg as the face of the renewed movement to trample all over your Second Amendment rights.

To be honest, it’s embarrassing to watch this kid spout so much misinformation and watch his supporters cheer him on. What he must not realize is that liberal politicians don’t give a rip about him… they’re exploiting him to pander to their gun-ignorant base.

Having said that, Hogg now thinks he can launch boycotts (even though his last one against Laura Ingraham failed miserably). He has a new one now and it’s beyond pathetic…

Breitbart reports:

Gun control proponent David Hogg is pushing a boycott of mutual fund companies invested in firearm manufacturer stocks.
This follows his boycott of Fox News’s Laura Ingraham, which resulted in her initially losing advertisers and apologizing to him only to have her viewership jump 20 percent.

Now Hogg is targeting BlackRock, Vanguard Group, and a few other mutual fund companies for holding gun manufacturers’ stock in their mutual funds.

Hogg tweeted:

He is trying to get the hashtags #BoycottBlackrock and #BoycottVanguard to trend.

On April 17, Breitbart News reported that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) have launched similar campaigns. Emanuel wants to punish banks that continued unfettered business with gun makers and sellers by refusing city contracts to said banks. AFT is calling on school pension fund managers to divest of any holdings in manufacturers of “assault weapons.”

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