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Creators Of Pro-Trump Social Network Launch GoFundMe Campaign

The creators of a Trump-friendly conservative social network called are making waves in the social media world… and for good reason. Many have called the new site long overdue — as mainstream networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google continue to censor conservatives.

They recently launched a GoFundMe to help fund the development and growth of the site, which is obviously crucial if they want to compete with Facebook. They’ve already raised several thousand dollars in the first few days and are calling on fellow Trump supporters to get them to their goal. reports:

The creators of — a new Facebook alternative for conservatives — have launched an emergency initiative through GoFundMe to help fund their fight against the extreme censorship of mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

While’s soft launch in November was a roaring success, just like any other internet start-up, securing funding to help maintain the site and more importantly, aid its growth, became a top priority according to the site’s founder, Addison Riddleberger.

“Facebook, Twitter, and Google have sold their souls to the liberal left and will fight to put Democrats in power — even if that means censoring conservatives and purging them from their social networks,” Riddleberger stated. “The revolution isn’t in the streets, it’s on the internet — we’re finally fighting back and we need your support today.”

“Facebook and Twitter are under heavy fire for what they’ve done to their conservative users. Individuals are mad and rightfully so. We have an extremely rare and unique window of opportunity to turn the tables and give conservatives a place to express their ideas without fear of being censored and de-platformed like I was,” Riddleberger stated.


What do you think of this idea? Would you help spread the word and/or donate to see a viable conservative-friendly Facebook alternative? 

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