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Councilwoman Who Terrorized Pro-Trump Teens In BIG Trouble Now

The anti-Trump crowd is a strange bunch, to say the least. What you would assume are otherwise responsible, mature adults turn into screaming children (sometimes literally) and all conventional rules go out the window.

This third-rate councilwoman from Texas just learned the hard way that berating a child with expletives just because they’re wearing a shirt that represents the President of the United States was NOT a good idea.

Daily Caller reports:

Councilwoman Kellye Burke of West University Park, Texas, was slapped with a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge after allegedly yelling at a teenage girl while she waited in line with her friends at a cookie shop.

The girl was wearing a Trump shirt, KPRC Click2Houston reports.

Burke, who was apparently responding to the fact that the girl was wearing a Trump shirt, allegedly yelled obscenities before leaving the store, KPRC Click2Houston reports.

“Grab em by the (expletive) girls!” Burke said, according to a father of one of the girls who spoke with KPRC.

“At that point the girls were getting kind of scared, and then the woman starts, you know, going, ‘MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!’ while shaking her fist,” the anonymous father said. “They were scared. They were absolutely scared. My little girl essentially wanted to know if this woman was going to hurt her.”

KPRC tried to reach out to Burke, but reporters said that she yelled at them when they arrived at her door. “What are you doing at my house?”

When they explained that they were there to talk about the disorderly conduct charge, Burke reportedly told them to go away.

The father said that Burke, who is also a gun control activist and president of the Texas chapter of the Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action group, later reached out to the girls and apologized.

The families involved have chosen not to be identified for fear of retaliation.

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