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Conservatives Retaliate Against Walmart With Incredible Pro-Trump Shirt

Conservatives across America were infuriated after learning that America’s largest retailer, WalMart, was offering a shockingly anti-Trump t-shirt on their website that stated Maxine Waters’ battle cry, “Impeach 45,” — something she says on a regular basis now but denies it every time she’s asked in a news interview.

The shirt, which was first spotted by Trump advocate Ryan Fournier, caused an immediate uproar across Twitter, with tens of thousands of pro-Trump supporters taking shots at the retailer for allowing the shirt to be sold on their online marketplace.

Angry, patriotic Americans instantly took action by launching a boycott movement– #boycottWalmart — which gained instant traction and immediately made Twitter’s “trending” list, amassing tremendous exposure.

But more importantly, in response to the “Impeach 45” apparel, an anonymous group of pro-Trump conservatives responded with a t-shirt of their own — a shirt that proudly displays their support of President Donald Trump. The “Stand With 45” shirt was launched through social media just hours ago and is already making a huge impact in the pro-Trump community.

pro trump t-shirt

The short but powerful slogan, “Stand With 45,” is a tribute to who will likely go down as one of the most important, successful, most influential Presidents in United States history.

And at a time when the anti-Trump hatred is at a fever pitch, it’s more important than ever that pro-Trump Americans band together and proudly display their support.

The conservative group stated that the popular pro-Trump shirt will be available for a limited production run and are expected to sell out quickly. Get yours here.

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