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Conservative Americans Stage Protest Outside Of Anti-Trump Red Hen Restaurant

The owner of the restaurant who kicked Sarah Sanders and her family out last week is experiencing a world of backlash both personally and career-wise. Her third-rate restaurant has received thousands of negative reviews and she was recently forced to resign from a local business council.

Now, conservative patriots are staging protests outside of her establishment, which no doubt will lead to a massive decrease in business… and it looks like it’s just getting started.

DailyWire reports:

Backlash against the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia got a little out of control, and a little gross, on Tuesday, culminating in one 51-year-old protester getting arrested after throwing “chicken poop” in the general direction of the Sarah Huckabee Sanders-persecuting restaurant.

The fallout from the decision of the Red Hen’s owner to ask Sanders to leave because she works for the Trump administration, and then allegedly helping to stir up a protest against Sanders mostly liberal family afterward, continues.

The owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, has resigned from her role of director of a local non-profit group designed to promote businesses in the city as a result of the distraction she now presents. “Considering the events of the past weekend, Stephanie felt it best, that for the continued success of Main Street Lexington, she should step aside,” the president of the board said.

On Tuesday, Wilkinson’s restaurant, ,which has remained closed since the incident, was visited by a group of protesters who were outraged by the anti-Trumper bigotry. One of those protesters, a West Virginia man, is facing charges after allegedly throwing chicken poop at the restaurant.

WSET reports on the rather raucous group of people, which, along with the feces-flinging West Virginian, including one guy carrying a sign declaring “homos are full of demons”:

Tuesday, people turned to the street with their signs in hand to protest the restaurant, which has remained closed since the incident.

Outside the Red Hen people were chanting and held homemade signs, Corey Stewart campaign signs and American and Make America Great Again flags.

Another man held signs that said “Homos are full of demons” and “Unless they repent Let God Burn Them (LGBT) 2 Peter 2:6.”

The West Virginian, Reginald Scott Lee, 51, “was arrested and charged with littering and disorderly conduct,” NBC4 reports.

Some video of the protest as well as photographic evidence of the gross protest material below:

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