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Christian College Buckles Under Liberal Pressure To “Retire” Knight Mascot

Whether it’s the Washington Redskins or some other mascot that has been around for decades but all of a sudden “offends” liberals, schools on all levels are becoming a laughing stock for banishing their beloved mascots because of liberal pressure.

The latest is none other than a Christian college, who in cowardly fashion decided to “retire” their knight mascot so as to not offend anyone. Wow.

Breitbart reports:

The College of the Holy Cross, will do away with its Knight mascot and all other imagery, to avoid any symbolic connection to Knights who fought for Christianity during the Crusades.

Reverend Phillip Burroughs, president of the Massachusetts based school, explained the decision in a letter to the student body. Burroughs wrote, “the visual depiction of a knight, in conjunction with the moniker Crusader, inevitably ties us directly to the reality of the religious wars and the violence of the Crusades.

“This imagery stands in contrast to our stated values. Over the coming months, the College will gradually phase out the use of all knight-related imagery.”

According to Fox News, “Students and faculty members unsuccessfully urged the school to drop the Crusaders name entirely, arguing it associates the school with the violence committed against non-Christians nearly 1,000 years ago. ”

During an appearance on Fox & Friends, Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Jones blasted the school’s decision. Citing it as yet another example of history being destroyed in the name of political correctness.

“The social justice warriors and the speech police are out to destroy history,” he said, asking where this all stops.

“Why not … just remove the ‘Cross’ from the name Holy Cross? That’s ultimately what the Crusaders were defending,” said Rachel Campos-Duffy.

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