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Chris Christie Breaks Silence On Comey With Brutal Truth Attack

Chris Christie has been rather silent on most subjects as he’s no longer the Governor of New Jersey. But as someone who once worked very closely with Jim Comey and at least at one point in the recent future was his biggest cheerleader, well, that’s changed.

Christie tore into Comey after the disastrous ABC interview with Clinton fanboy George Stephanopoulos…

The Hill reports:

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said Sunday that if his and former FBI Director James Comey’s roles had been reversed in the 2016 election, Comey would have fired him.

Christie homed in on comments by Comey saying that polling showing Hillary Clinton leading President Trump had led him to believe that Clinton would be elected president.

This in turn influenced Comey’s decision to effectively reopen an investigation into whether Clinton had sent classified information through a personal server she used as secretary of State 11 days before the election, a decision Clinton and her aides have said cost her the White House.

“When I worked for Jim, if I had said to him 11 days before an election that I was going to release information that could potentially affect the election, and one of the things that influenced me was polling, he would have fired me. He would have fired me on the spot,” Christie said during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

“And it is really disconcerting to me as a guy who worked with him in form and have defended him on this air and other places over the years to see this interview and what he was saying,” Christie added, referring to Comey’s interview with ABC about his forthcoming book.

Comey recently said he might have been influenced by presidential polls leading up to the 2016 presidential election when deciding whether to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s emails.

“I had assumed from media polling that Hillary Clinton was going to win,” Comey writes in his soon-to-be-released memoir. “I have asked myself many times since if I was influenced by that assumption. I don’t know. Certainly not consciously but I would be a fool to say it couldn’t have had an impact on me.”

Comey will appear on ABC on Sunday evening to discuss his new book and his time working for Trump.

Christie, who backed Trump for president after ending his own campaign, called Comey’s “hubris” when speaking about Trump was “extraordinary” and “sad.”

“He began to believe his own press clippings. And it’s the biggest danger in public life,” Christie said of Comey. “And the hubris that he shows in that interview is extraordinary to me. Not the guy that I worked with or worked for. And it’s sad.”

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