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Cherokee Woman Torches Elizabeth Warren: “STOP” Claiming Our Ancestry

Elizabeth “Pocahantas” Warren, as President Trump likes to call her, has leaned on her so-called Native American ancestry to further her career, social life and bank account for some time now. It was only a matter of time before actual Native Americans decided to fight back.

A Cherokee native of Oklahoma just embarrassed Warren like we’ve never seen before and it’ll be interesting to see what her response, if any, will be…

DailyWire reports:

A Cherokee woman joined Fox News host Jesse Watters on Sunday to voice her frustration with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) claiming that she is Native American, despite significant proof that says she is not.

Rebecca Nagle of Oklahoma told “Watters’ World” that the Native American community has asked Warren to stop claiming their ancestry as hers.

“As a mixed Native woman, I get to relive the stereotypes that Warren perpetuates every day,” Nagle said, Fox News Insider reports. “I’m not ‘part-Cherokee’, I am Cherokee. [We’re] not bit fractions of imagined Indians that used to exist. [Warren should] take responsibility for her false claim.”

As The Daily Wire reported last week, “Native Americans keep meticulous genealogy records, and Warren’s family isn’t listed in them. In fact, the Globe says, ‘examinations by genealogists of documents including birth, marriage, and death records have shown no conclusive proof of Native American ancestry.'”

“She’s not part of the Cherokee community,” former Cherokee Nation Chief Chad Smith told The Boston Globe. “She hasn’t reached out. She hasn’t come here and participated much.”

“The mark of value in claiming heritage is: Do you use your position to give back?” he continued. “If it is a claim that is valuable to her, she should be helping Indian country. She might be doing it with the overall agenda. But unless she’s contributing back, it is a somewhat hollow claim.”

WATCH below:

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