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Camera Spots Ruth Bader Ginsburg At Kavanaugh Ceremony… Her Reaction Is Priceless

The White House’s ceremony for newly-confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh just took place — and the reactions from the current Supreme Court justices said it all.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is as happy as a clam. I mean, look at his face!

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was spotted with a smile that traveled from one ear to the other.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy shows pride in what his protégé has accomplished.

And, lastly, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg looked completely nauseous and absolutely devastated being forced to sit through the final confirmation ceremony of a Constitutionalist judge nominated by President Donald Trump.

Take a look:

During the swearing-in ceremony at the East Room of the White House on Monday evening, President Trump apologized to Kavanaugh and his family “on behalf of the nation” for the “campaign of political and personal destruction” he endured during his confirmation process, saying it violated “every notion of fairness, decency, and due process.”

Trump then added that under scrutiny, Kavanaugh had been “proven innocent.”

Then Kavanaugh spoke in front of his new colleagues, giving a pro-Constitution speech for all of America to hear:

“All nine of us revere the Constitution,” Kavanaugh said. “The Supreme Court is an institution of law. It is not a partisan or political institution. The justices do not sit on opposite sides of the aisle. … The Supreme Court is a team of nine, and I will always be a team player on a team of nine.”

“My goal is to be a great justice, for all Americans, and for all of America,” Kavanaugh said. “I will work very hard to achieve that goal. I was not appointed to serve one party or one interest, but one nation.”

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