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BREAKING: Top NFL Executive Resigns After Horrific Season… Goodell Humiliated

Admittedly, the NFL has had a disastrous year. On what should be one of the top game-watching days this season is instead marred by the resignation of one of the league’s top officials. At least he has enough pride and honor to know when to call it quits, unlike Roger Goodell, who just keeps bending over for the millionaire players.

Though it’s a little more difficult to drain the NFL swamp compared to Congress, perhaps enough NFL executives will realize it’s time for new blood to step in and step up to the plate.

Breitbart reports:

Right before one of the NFL’s biggest weekends of the year, featuring the conference championship games, the league’s top PR official announced he’s stepping down.

On Thursday, NFL Executive VP/Communications Joe Lockhart told staffers he’s leaving his current post after the Super Bowl.

Joe Lockhart

Lockhart lorded over the NFL’s PR Machine the last two years, a rough couple of seasons for the league’s image, in part, due to some players kneeling during the national anthem.

While Lockhart says he wasn’t forced out, often when a big corporation gets a lot of bad PR, they look for a new spin doctor.

Lockhart, who was Bill Clinton’s press secretary from 1998 to 2000, told staff members he’s leaving his current post to spend more time with his family, do political commentary, and possibly teach.

The NFL has hired executive search-firm Korn Ferry to look for his replacement.

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