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BREAKING: Peyton Manning In Talks For New Football-Related Job

Peyton Manning might be the only positive figure the NFL has these days, given the league turmoil with the anthem kneeling and wife beating. Manning has starred in a myriad of amazing commercials representing Nationwide Insurance to Papa Johns. People like the way the guy speaks and he oozes Seinfeld-like natural comedy.

So it’s no wonder a big network is wanting to talk to him to fill a big empty hole that the network will struggle to fill for next season. But will Manning bite?

Daily Snark reports:

With Jon Gruden leaving the “Monday Night Football” booth to become the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, a huge role is vacant on ESPN and the network is reportedly swinging for the stars to find a replacement.

According to Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated, ESPN will reach out to retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning to see if he’s willing to call Monday Night Football:

The white whale for all NFL television rightsholders is Peyton Manning, who has not shown any interesting in broadcasting so far. Asked whether the network would reach out to Manning on the remote chance he was interested, Druley said that Manning is aware of ESPN’s interest but nothing beyond that at this time. “We like Peyton Manning,’ Druley said. “And we would be foolish not to talk him.”

ESPN is also considering other names including an interesting in-house candidate, Matt Hasselback, who currently works on Sunday Countdown. He is slated to call the Pro Bowl on Saturday for the network.

As for Manning, he has indicated that he has ruled out getting into politics but he hasn’t ruled out joining an NFL team’s front office if the right opportunity presents itself.

CBS Sports reports:

Jon Gruden recently became the new coach of the Oakland Raiders. That’s exciting for Raiders fans, but his departure from ESPN means that a new job is now open: the role of analyst on ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” telecasts. Gruden held the role from 2009 through 2017, and the network is currently searching for his replacement.

One of the names being considered: retired star Peyton Manning. “We like Peyton Manning,” ESPN senior vice president of event and studio production Stephanie Druley said, per Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch. “And we would be foolish not to talk to him.”

Manning is a widely-coveted potential broadcaster due to his star power, football expertise, and experience in television, which includes countless commercials as well as appearances on programs like “Saturday Night Live.” Reports on his potential interest in a broadcasting role have been mixed, with some outlets painting him as interested in a job and others insisting he would rather have a role in ownership or team operations.

Manning, of course, is not the only candidate. Current ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck, who works on the network’s pregame show, is among those being considered. He is slated to call the Pro Bowl on ESPN.

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