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BREAKING: Parkland School Shooting Surveillance Video Released

Breaking911 reports:

FLORIDA — (Scroll Down For Video) — The Broward County school district released surveillance video Thursday from outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the February 14 massacre that killed 17 people.

The school resource officer who remained outside Building 12 during the shooting was a sheriff’s deputy; he was later suspended without pay but he immediately retired. Sheriff Israel said “[the deputy] was absolutely on campus for this entire event” and that he should have “went in, addressed the killer, killed the killer”.

Unnamed sources told CNN that when Coral Springs police arrived, they saw three Broward deputies behind their vehicles with pistols drawn.

Coral Springs officers were the first to enter the building, about four minutes after Cruz had left the school, Sheriff Israel said. Due to a tape delay in viewing surveillance footage, officers believed that Cruz was still in the building.. As of early March, there were three investigations into the timeline of police actions.

USA Today reports:

Surveillance video released Thursday shows former deputy Scot Peterson standing outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while Nikolas Cruz fatally shot 17 students and staff.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office, which released the video, identified Peterson in the footage, adding that it “speaks for itself.”

On afternoon of Feb. 14, Peterson, the school’s armed resource officer, responded to the building where the shooting was unfolding within a minute and a half of when the gunfire started, Sheriff Scott Israel said. He positioned himself outside the building but never went in throughout the six-minute shooting, Israel said.

In the released video, a man can be seen running toward a school building at 2:23 p.m., when the initial 911 calls came in, and appears to stand outside for several minutes.

President Trump and Israel criticized Peterson’s actions. He later resigned.

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