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BREAKING: NFL Player On The Run From Cops After Domestic Violence Incident

I’ll never understand why athletes who get paid millions of dollars to throw a ball around a field would even remotely think about assaulting a woman and ruining his life. But it seems to be more common than ever in the NFL — which is a problem the liberal media rarely reports.

They’d rather make them out to be heroes who defy the American flag and disrespect our troops. And the NFL and major networks wonder why America is tuning out en masse?

Our latest NFL thug felon is Aldon Smith, who is certainly no stranger to breaking the law. Perhaps this time will be his last, as it will surely cost him his career…

Daily Snark reports:

Aldon Smith has had his fair share of run ins with the law and apparently he isn’t done.

The former 49er and Raider who recently came out and said he can’t fulfill his child support payments without a job in the NFL, reportedly fled from police due to a domestic violence claim filed against him by his recently engaged fiancé Shawna McKnight.

TMZ reports:

Aldon Smith was allegedly involved in a domestic violence incident this weekend, and now cops want to talk to him … TMZ has confirmed.

According to law enforcement sources .. Smith fled the scene of a San Francisco residence Saturday night before cops arrived in response to a reported DV incident. The alleged victim is said to have suffered non-life threatening injuries, but what might’ve happened is unclear for now.

The embattled Raiders star — who just got engaged last month — is currently suspended from the league following a DUI bust. He’s also struggling to make child support payments to his baby mama.

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