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BREAKING: Maxine Waters Will Deliver “Racist” State Of The Union Address

It’s certainly not a stretch for one to question Rep. Maxine Waters’ mental faculties… especially given the bizarre speeches she’s given over the past year not to mention her body language and movements. But no matter how low or weird this woman continues to get, her announcement today about the state of the union address takes the cake.

Promising to deliver her own version of the annual Presidential address, Waters picked the predominantly African-American cable channel “BET” — a channel that has roughly 15 white viewers. It’s clear that she’s aiming to further her race narrative knowingly catering to an almost all-black audience.

DailyWire reports:

Rep. Maxine Waters won’t be attending the State of the Union — and it follows that she won’t be tuning in, either — but she will give her very own “national address” following President Trump’s annual speech, as part of a post-SOTU analysis on BET.

Buzzfeed reports that the California Democrat, who came unhinged most recently last week when calling for Trump to be impeached over “insults” (an action not generally supported by the United States Constitution), will kick off a new politically focused line-up on BET which includes the new news program, “Angela Rye’s State of the Union.”

According to BET representatives speaking to the online newsmagazine, Waters will focus her speech on “building black politics and the value of engagement across today’s socio-political landscape.”

Waters has, of course, been one of President Trump’s harshest — and perhaps least logical — critics, routinely calling for Trump’s impeachment at such appropriate times as the “Glamour Women of the Year Awards,” and was forced last year to apologize after telling media that she would “take Trump out.” Most recently, Waters suggested that Trump should be impeached (yet again) because he reportedly referred to Haiti as a “sh*t hole” in a meeting on immigration reform.

In fairness to Rep. Waters, the official Democratic State of the Union response may be as irrelevant. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III — the heir to the Kennedy dynasty — will give the rebuttal in an effort to convince Americans that the Democratic Party is one of middle class values and is in touch with the needs of blue collar, working Americans.

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