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BREAKING: ISIS Calls For Sick Attack On Trick-Or-Treaters

Daily Mail

ISIS calls for Halloween attacks: Islamists urge followers to target groups enjoying fancy dress festivities in message featuring blood-splattered machete

ISIS has urged its supporters to carry out attacks on people celebrating Halloween tonight.

The terror cult has released a picture of a bloodied machete imposed on a picture of the Eiffiel Tower, with a message in French which reads: ‘Enjoy their gathering’.

Chillingly, underneath that message it reads: ‘Terrorise October 31’.

The eerie message was published by the French ISIS group Centre Médiatique An-Nûr, which also publishes Daesh’s monthly Rumiyah magazine.

In the past it has published a step-by-step guide on how to carry out terror attacks and is believed to have heavily influenced knife attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market earlier this year.

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