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BREAKING: Goodell Makes Major National Anthem Announcement

Amid weeks of turmoil in the NFL for their reckless decision to allow players to blatantly disrespect the Unites States and her flag, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced Wednesday that “every player should stand for the National Anthem.”

Except, they’re not going to enforce it, even though it’s technically a policy.

The remarks were not part of any official policy announced. So it’s likely that players will continue to kneel in order to pander to their liberal fan base.

This new stance will undoubtedly create more ripples among ticked-off, conservative football fans, who have already contributed to the decline in network ratings for all games, including Sunday, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football.

“What do you feel the effect is on your business?” from a reporter to commissioner Goodell.

“All of this is part of the ongoing effort to understand one another… support our players… get back to football … make sure we’re doing the right thing to honor our country,” he replied.

Bottom line: No official decision has been made to force players to stand for the anthem. No disciplinary action has been announced for players who want to take a knee.

In other words, this was a spin session by a spineless commissioner who’s scared to tick off the players, teams and the fans who support the teams.

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