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BREAKING: Georgia Passes Stunning Bill Punishing Delta For Going Against NRA

Delta Airlines, and maybe more companies to follow, just learned a hard lesson about buckling to the anti-gun left in response to the Parkland, FL school shooting. It’s one thing to demand open discussion about firearms, but it’s another to demonize the NRA, who had absolutely NOTHING to do with the shooting.

That’s exactly what Delta did, not days after the tragedy, in an attempt to appease their liberal customers who literally know next to nothing about how firearms work or how to clamp down on gun violence in the future.

The Associated Press just reported the following:

“ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia lawmakers pass bill that effectively punishes Delta Air Lines for cutting ties with the NRA.”

Earlier this week, the Lt. Gov. of Georgia leveled the threat against Delta, according to Breitbart:

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (R) responded to Delta’s decision to sever ties with NRA by announcing he will work to ensure the airline gets no tax breaks unless their political boycott ends.

On February 24, Breitbart News reported that over a dozen companies had cut ties with NRA in the wake of an anti-Second Amendment campaign targeting companies that gave discounts and other perks to NRA members. Delta Airlines was one of the companies that announced they were ending their relationship with the NRA:

On February 26, Lt. Gov. Cagle responded by making clear there would be no tax cuts for Delta until they ended their political boycott of the NRA:

Cagle’s message to Delta came two days after he made clear that “discriminating against law-abiding gun owners will not solve the problem” we face in attacks like the one on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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