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BREAKING: FL Senate Rejects Anti-Gun Bill And Makes Massive Move For Teachers

Just when we thought all hope was lost in the fight against anti-gun ignorance in our federal and state legislatures, Florida senators just reassured us that common sense can still prevail.

Great job to the senators there who obviously respect and protect the Constitution!

Breitbart reports:

The Florida Senate rejected “assault weapons” ban legislation on Saturday and voted in support of training and arming teachers for school safety.

The Senate action came less than a week after the state’s House Appropriations Committee rejected an “assault weapons” ban as well.

Reuters reports that the Senate vote against the ban was 20-17. Those supporting it consisted of the 15 Democrat senators and two Republicans who crossed the aisle to support gun control.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports that Sens. René García and Anitere Flores were the two Republicans who voted for gun control.

The Senate also voted down an amendment intended to prevent teachers from being trained and armed. This vote preserved the school marshal program that will allow school employees to volunteer to undergo training to carry a gun on K-12 campuses.

The move to arm teachers was opposed by the Legislative Black Caucus, which suggested that arming teachers may “lead to racial profiling against minority students.”

On February 23, Breitbart News reported that Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) opposes arming teachers so that they can shoot back if under attack. He stresses that school personnel should let law enforcement “[keep] us safe.”

Share this everywhere if you support the Florida senators who moved to protect the Second Amendment and to arm teachers!

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