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BREAKING: Chicago To Allow Illegals To Vote

And liberals always tried to counter the argument that Democrats pander to illegal aliens for the hope of extra votes. Looks like we were right!

Dangerous reports:

The nation’s third largest city is implementing a new government identification program that will allow non-citizens to vote.

The new ID cards, called CityKey, were designed with non-citizens in mind and the city of Chicago announced these cards will enable the user to register to vote.

Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel is facing down a 25% approval rating in the midst of Chicago being swept with an epidemic of violence and financial ruin. The mayor began the new CityKey ID program late last year boasting of its accessibility to the “undocumented” and people the mayor said were “on the sidelines.”

Emanuel is seeking reelection in 2019, and this unique ID can be used to register someone as a voter in federal, state, and local elections which have some people wondering who will be taking advantage of that.

The ID also purposely excludes some of the user’s information required by the federal government to allow ICE agents to track card holders.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson reported, “[Rahm Emanuel] wants to get reelected even if it takes illegal voters.”

Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar was a sponsor of the initiative for the cards and denies they can register an illegal alien. He is confident the card holder will need a separate ID for someone to register as a voter.

Pawar described the “misunderstanding” about the new cards, saying his own immigrant parents plan to use theirs for public transportation and the library.

Pawar told Tucker Carlson the consequence of an illegal immigrant defrauding the Illinois Board of Elections would likely be deportation.

Carlson asked in an interview with Pawar if he supports non-naturalized people voting, and if the card is a clever way to skirt federal law.

“When you let illegal aliens use this card… when in fact you are not required to show proof of citizenship to register to vote in Illinois, you’re abetting voter fraud and you know it,” said Carlson.

Pawar assured Tucker there were “laws in place” to prevent that and lectured Tucker on trying to “pit” neighbors against each other.

Already in California there is concern over the drivers licenses non-citizens are permitted to have which now automatically register the holder to vote. Towns in Maryland have already been suggesting legally allowing undocumented people to vote locally.

As of now, the city of Chicago requires no proof of citizenship to become a registered voter. The state of Illinois is home to roughly 511,000 illegal immigrants.

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