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BREAKING: Another NFL Sponsor Pulls Out

Within a relatively short amount of time, ticked-off football fans around the country are showing the NFL that they aren’t going to accept watching millionaire athletes who essentially play catch for a living kneel when the National Anthem is played.

While the NFL’s 25 corporate sponsors have mostly remained strategically (cowardly) silent, regional, mid and small-sized sponsors who spend big bucks to advertise during games are taking a stand. They’re the revolution in this fight.

As of today, our friends at Cox Implement out of Arkansas announced they will no longer be buying advertising in any NFL programming. Not only that, they’re urging other small business owners to make the same call. Cox may be one of thousands, but someone has to take the lead and it looks like Cox is doing just that.

Their full letter of intent can be read below (or seen here on their company FB page):

To Whom It May Concern,

A recent debate has arisen in the national spotlight regarding our great nation’s anthem and glorious flag. We at Cox Implement firmly believe in the right to free speech, which is right protected explicitly in the Constitution of the United States of America.

We recognize the right of the National Football League (NFL) and its employees to protest any issue they see fit. However, we also have the right to speak our mind on this same issue.

We believe the NFL and its employees’ actions are utterly disrespectful and do not accomplish what they claim it is meant to do. All their actions have done is divide our national and damaged the NFL brand, as well as the brands of their sponsors.

Therefore, since actions speak louder than words, we will no longer spend money on advertising in any NFL program until the NFL and its employees find a more appropriate avenue to make their voices heard. We ask our fellow business leaders to follow our example and let the NFL and any other organization know, we will not tolerate the disrespect of our nation’s most unifying symbols.

And to be perfectly clear, the flag and anthem of our nation are symbols of hope, liberty, and unity; we must all regard them as the ideal and agree that certain things are too sacred to disregard in this manner.


Jerry Cox

JR Cox

Mary Stone

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Also, here’s the official “I Proudly Stand For The Anthem” t-shirt (we have hoodie and v-neck options, too!) that has part of the proceeds going to the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans!


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