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‘Boycott The NFL’ Facebook Group Saves Single Mom Army Veteran From Homelessness

Story submitted by an admin of the viral “Boycott The NFL” Facebook page

This all started with 1 goal in mind: To gather patriotic, angry Americans who were fed-up with the NFL for allowing their players to disrespect the national anthem and, in turn, the American flag.

We thought that if we could get enough people together to boycott a sport — which we otherwise love — until the “take a knee” situation was resolved, then we’d feel some sense of accomplishment.

And we did just that. After our movement began, over 20 million patriotic football fans watched our viral video announcing a “Veteran’s Day NFL Boycott.” Over 100,000 Americans joined our Facebook group, which included an official event for the Veteran’s Day protest. We were covered by almost every national media outlet, including mentions on Fox News.

As our movement grew, we decided to take advantage of our rapidly growing group of like-minded folks by selling t-shirts. Our t-shirts are very specific and make a bold statement … one that says “I don’t kneel” for the national anthem. We also sell this similar shirt, which proclaims one’s pride in standing for the national anthem. We’re proud to sell them and our customers are proud to wear them.

Our primary goal in selling shirts was to make a sizable donation to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) with a portion of the profits. And while we still have that charity on our list as more t-shirts sell in the future, we ended up taking our donation game to a whole new level.

On the evening of Friday, October 7th, 2017 the folks behind “Boycott The NFL” saved a single mom (a U.S. Army veteran) and her young son from being evicted Monday morning.

We respect her request to remain anonymous, but let’s just say that the series of events that would connect the admins of our page to this desperate young lady can only be explained by nothing other than a divine intervention.

We’ll give you the short version, because we couldn’t possibly do justice to the myriad “small world” coincidences that let us know we knew we were making the right move.

As I was strolling through my local grocery store, I received a message from the other admin of the page asking me to check the inbox specifically for a message from a woman who we’ll call “Mary.”

Anyway, I knew if he was asking me to check something like that on a Saturday night that it must be important. I quickly logged in on my phone and accessed her private message, which she sent directly to our “Boycott The NFL” Facebook page.

She was aware that we’d announced plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from t-shirt sales to a large homeless veteran’s charity, so she simply inquired which one and how it all worked.

But it was her reason for inquiring that stopped me and my fellow page admin dead in our tracks:

“How is the money for homeless veterans getting to the veterans? I am a single mom, a veteran and my son and I are about to become homeless if we do not find $735.50 by Monday.”

Naturally, we were skeptical at first because sadly, scammers do exist in this country. It happens and we’re well aware of it. So, using our extensive research and background-check skills, we immediately began vetting this obviously desperate young mom who had served our country proudly.

After reviewing indisputable military, housing and personal paperwork, (including her impressive DD-214 separation paperwork), we knew without a doubt she was legit and in a seriously bad situation. Not only was she to be evicted Monday morning due to a series of extremely unfortunate events that we won’t go into detail on, Hurricane Nate was literally on her doorstep and her lights flickered as we all chatted.

Imagine being a young mom, on the verge of homelessness with your young child and a hurricane beating down your door. Talk about maximum stress!

So, after a fantastic conversation with Mary, we decided to grant her the ability to sleep a little easier that night, as we were successfully able to log in to her apartment company’s website and pay her bill right then and there.

We wiped her balance clean and gave her an instant fresh start.

And on that dark, stormy, scary night, she wept. We both agreed that God is good.

Before it was all said and done, one of those small world moments happened when I noticed her hometown was literally 18 miles from where I sat. Now, keep in mind this lady was a follower of our page and could have been 1 of 300 million Americans living anywhere in the country. But not only was she from my local area (and currently living down south), she actually knew a dear friend of mine who just happens to be the founder of a wonderful charity for combat veterans.

We couldn’t make that up if we tried. It was stunning, to say the least.

Helping that young woman — who so honorably served this great nation — was intoxicating. Maybe even more so because like many of you, I experienced that kind of struggle in my younger years, but never with a child in the balance. It really struck a chord in our souls.

So for every one of you who’ve purchased one of our shirts, saving this woman from being out on the street is thanks to you. We literally couldn’t have done it without your support. While we love the idea of helping a legitimate charity, we loved the idea of taking direct action even more.

And while Mary begins her mission to getting back on the track to success, if anyone else feels the call to help make sure she’s taken care of, please message our page directly and we will gladly facilitate that.

Thank you, patriots, for not only standing up for what you believe in, but for also playing a critical part in helping a struggling veteran keep a roof over her head at a remarkably difficult time in her life.

You’ll all have my deepest gratitude, forever.

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