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Body Language Expert Evaluates Obama’s Latest Speech… It’s Not Looking Good For Dems

An expert in interpreting body language has analyzed former President Barack Obama’s mannerisms at his latest political speech in Wisconsin — and the outlook isn’t good.

“Desperate men do desperate things,” Mandy Bombard stated, the mastermind behind Bombard’s Body Language.

She saw Obama as a distressed salesperson, working to desperately convince his audience that his political take was the right one — ultimately being far from the cool, confident, collected Obama that America has seen in years past.

His neck would clench up, his shoulders would sag, his head would drop, his teleprompters didn’t help his stuttering speech, and his facial expressions screamed hopelessness, according to Mandy.

At one point in her explanation video, Mandy shows a clip of Obama barely being able to form a proper sentence in his Democratic sales pitch.

“You know what this tells me? [Obama] has a plane booked if the midterms don’t go his way — he’s got contingency plans, because this is a desperate man.”

Mandy’s final conclusion?

“He’s defeated,” she said.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is energetic as ever, planning to travel over 11,000 miles in four days, doing 11 rallies in eight different states before the midterms on November 6th.

The difference between Obama’s rallies and Trump’s rallies are astounding — the energy of Republicans is unlike anything else at the moment, with packed stadiums and ecstatic crowds. And all this energy will transfer to the ballot boxes — and Democrats are frightened because of it.

Watch Mandy’s eye-opening video below and be sure to pass this article along to friends:

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