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Bitter Team Owner Launches UGLY Attack On Trump Over National Anthem


The owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars is once again attacking President Donald Trump, this time saying Trump is only criticizing the NFL because he is “jealous” of the league.

The president continues to criticize the league for allowing protests against the country to be staged during the playing of the national anthem and for the league’s refusal to put an end to the protests. But while most team owners have remained fairly quiet about the controversy, Jaguars owner Shad Khan has elected to strike out repeatedly at Trump.

Once again, the Jaguars owner tore into the president in an interview with USA Today’s Jarrett Bell on Wednesday saying that Trump’s criticism of the NFL is a “very personal issue with him.”

It may be personal because Khan was one of those NFL owners who personally took the field in support of his team’s protest against the country. Khan stood arm-in-arm with his players during the anthem, and he did so overseas as the Jaguars prepared to play at Britain’s Wembley Stadium.

Alluding to Trump’s failed bid to buy a stake in the Buffalo Bills, Khan said that Trump’s attack on the league is a result of his inability to become a part of the NFL.

“He’s been elected president, where maybe a great goal he had in life to own an NFL team is not very likely,” Khan told the paper. “So to make it tougher, or to hurt the league, it’s very calculated.”

Khan is known to have donated $1 million to Trump’s inauguration fund, but while he says he doesn’t regret the donation, he insisted that “the ugly, toxic side sours the whole experience.”

Accepting the negative reporting about the president’s recent private conversation with a Gold Star wife, Kahn went on to call Trump’s behavior “bizarre” and “the lowest of the lowest expectations.”

“Let’s get real,” Khan said. “The attacks on Muslims, the attacks on minorities, the attacks on Jews. I think the NFL doesn’t even come close to that on the level of being offensive. Here, it’s about money, or messing with — trying to soil a league or a brand that he’s jealous of.”

The USA Today interview is not the first time Khan has attacked the president.

In September, Khan criticized Trump for making it harder for the NFL to invest itself in “diversity.”

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