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Bill O’Reilly Is BACK… Reveals Why Democrats Are Silent About Migrant Caravan

Former Fox News legend Bill O’Reilly made waves this evening as the migrant caravan march from South America nears the U.S. Border, and his theory about what the liberal media wants to see as a result is not only dead-on accurate, it has also triggered thousands of angry libs on social media.

O’Reilly claimed that the Democrats — secretly — would love to have footage of migrant women and children being hurt by border and federal officials in order to enrage the liberal voting base. I mean, what better footage than to have authorities shuffling around little migrant kids — the left would go absolutely nuts.

Read his tweet below:

Later, he talked about President Trump’s possible military intervention at the border, with the same idea that the left would love nothing more than to have cable news footage of U.S. troops rounding up men, women and children from the caravan, which is now reportedly over 7,000 strong… with some estimates putting the “army” of migrants at 10,000+.

O’Reilly interviewed with NewsMax and explained why, on a basic level, it’s a bad idea for the country to accept even this group of roughly 10,000.

When asked whether Americans want a group of 7,000 migrants to enter the U.S., he replied, “no, because then it will be 50,000 next time and 100,000 the time after that.”

Bill O’Reilly to Newsmax TV: Asylum Cases Create US Illegal Immigration Problem |
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“There’s a three-year backlog, John, in hearing asylum cases,” O’Reilly told host John Cardillo. “So, you’re here for three years before your case is even heard. And that’s if you show up, because we don’t have the resources to hunt down people who are supposed to come to a hearing and don’t show up.

“So, that’s why we have 12 million illegal aliens currently running around the country.”

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