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Biden Backs Down From Fight Threat… Realizes Trump Would Put a Beating On Him

Former Vice President Joe Biden talks a tough game, but when it comes down to it, he’s nothing more than a bumbling politician who doesn’t think before he speaks. After threatening to take President Trump behind the gym and “beat the hell out of him,” (while giving a speech at an anti-assault rally), crazy Uncle Joe is backing down.

That’s cause he knows he’d get his candy ass kicked by Trump easily…

Washington Examiner reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to walk back his bellicose rhetoric Friday, after suggesting he would have taken President Trump “behind the gym and beat the hell out of him” if Trump had disrespected women while they were in high school.

“I shouldn’t have said what I said, I shouldn’t have brought it up again, because I don’t want to get down in the mosh pit with this guy,” Biden told “Pod Save America” in an interview teased Friday.

Biden explained he first referred to a possible altercation with Trump during the lead-up to the 2016 election after the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape, which captured the president’s making lewd comments about being able to grab women’s genitalia back in 2005.

He repeated his threat Tuesday at an anti-sexual assault rally hosted by the University of Miami as part of the “It’s on Us” campaign, which is working to change campus culture regarding sexual misconduct.

Trump responded via Twitter on Thursday, saying Biden “would go down fast and hard, crying all the way” if they were ever to engage in a melee.

“I said, you know if we were in high school, and I did this again, I said if we were in high school, and he said that in the presence of my sister, I would take him behind the gym,” Biden said Friday.

“Now, the idea that I would actually physically get in a contest with the president of the United States or anybody else now is not what I said and is not what this was about,” he added.

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