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Barron Trump Impresses Millions With Picture Of Marine Standing Next To Helicopter

Barron Trump, son of President Donald Trump and wife Melania, has been the target of the liberal media in the most disgusting of ways. Remember, they never would have even dared target Obama’s kids, who were about the same age when he took office, but hey, liberals are all about those double standards, right?

Well, liberal or conservative, it doesn’t matter when it comes to this amazing picture of Barron after he and his parents exited Marine One — the President’s official transport helicopter.

Conservative Tribune reports:

First son Barron Trump set the internet ablaze on Sunday when he and the first family returned from Camp David to the White House.

As soon as he and his parents exited Marine one, the young Trump did what just about any kid his age would do: he took a photo with his cellphone. Apparently impressed by what he was experiencing, Barron stopped and turned to snap a shot of the aircraft and the Marine standing guard by the helicopter door.

It wasn’t long before images and video of the incident found their way online.

Most of the replies to the shot were positive.

People were impressed with how respectful the moment seemed to be.

Some people pointed out the stark difference between the Trumps and the Obamas.

Nice to see respect. Previous occupants disrespected God, our flag, military, Constitution, citizens. List goes on ad nauseum

— Sukey Mac (@susan_fionafae3) June 18, 2017

Other pointed out it probably wouldn’t take long for the mainstream media to get a hold of the photo and spin it into something negative.

Barron caught the attention of the internet a couple of weeks ago when people noticed he was carrying a fidget spinner. As usual, the remarks from liberals were rude and disrespectful, so it’s refreshing to see the first son receive some positive attention from this photo.

Eleven-year-old Barron has had a rough few months, in part due to Kathy Griffin’s disgusting stunt at the end of May, but it doesn’t look like he’s letting the hate from the left get in the way of being a kid.

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