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AWKWARD: Cherokee Indians Confront Elizabeth Warren, Then Ask 2 Brutal Questions

Over the past week or so, Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren has been under the gun once again to prove that she actually has Native American DNA in her bloodline. She refused the test, not surprisingly, and the mystery continues.

But look what this actual Cherokee Indian had to say about it…

V.A. Shiva, an Indian-born entrepreneur running against Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, recently challenged the senator to submit a DNA test to show that she is Cherokee, as she claims.

In addition to Shiva’s call-to-action, he also published a video with real Cherokee Indians who discussed Warren’s claims, concluding with two brutal words:

“Prove it.”

In the video, the first Indian says the following:

“Elizabeth Warren, being someone that has a professorship should have some type of ethics. How can you trust a person like that? If they’re willing to lie about themselves and where they’re from and who they are, you know? My name is Dale French, I was born and raised here on the Cherokee Indian reservation, and I just don’t approve of that . . .”

Johanna Martin, one of the last Cherokee Indians featured in the video remarked:

“In a way it feels like they’re making fun of our heritage because they don’t have any realization of what we went through as a people.”

John Grant, another Cherokee Indian commented:

“That’s not right at all, she’s lying to the American public by running for public office and claiming a race that she’s not. If she’s claiming that she’s Native American, prove it.”

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