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Armed Citizen Takes Down Carjacker In Walmart Parking Lot, Becomes Instant Hero

The best chance anyone has against a bad guy with a gun is… you guessed, a good guy with a gun. Luckily, more and more we’re seeing good guys with legally concealed firearms step up to the plate in the midst of danger.

And they’re saving lives. The latest example happened at a place where any single one of us could find ourselves in a situation — Walmart. Thank God for this brave soul!

DailyWire reports:

On Sunday afternoon, in Tumwater, Washington, roughly 60 miles south of Seattle, a man who allegedly attempted to carjack a car outside a Walmart and reportedly shot the driver was shot to death by a citizen in the parking lot.

According to police, they were called because of a report that a drunk driver was driving in the wrong direction near a Toyota dealership. They arrived, but could not locate the vehicle, but then heard that shots had been fired at a roundabout nearby by someone trying to carjack two vehicles. A 16-year-old girl had been shot and wounded; her injuries were not deemed serious.

Laura Wohl, spokeswoman for the Tumwater Police Department, said that the suspect, who apparently was the man who had tried to carjack the two vehicles, headed for Walmart, where he entered and fired shots at a display case. No one inside the store was hurt. The suspect then tried to carjack another vehicle, shooting a man inside the car twice. That victim was later flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle; he was in critical condition.

As the suspect tried to carjack the second car, at least two bystanders in the parking lot drew their weapons; one shot the suspect, killing him.

Brian Adams, who was shopping at the Walmart at the time, called the bystander who killed the suspect a hero, adding, “This guy could have taken out more people, wounded or killed.”

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