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Anti-Hollywood Group Launches Controversial Trump Shirt… Donates Profits To Sex Assault Victims

The “Boycott Hollywood” movement is taking off in the wake of countless scandals, from Harvey Weinstein’s abuse, James Gunn’s pedophilia-themed parties, and the ultimate destruction of President Donald Trump’s Walk-Of-Fame star.

In this depravity, a new pro-Trump, anti-Hollywood shirt is ready to spark a revolution — and help fund the fight against sexual abusers and fund the rescue of sexual assault survivors.

With every sale of the “Try Smashing Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star” shirt, $1 will be donated to RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.

The battle against Hollywood’s moral bankruptcy starts with exposing their character. In recent years, they’ve quickly deteriorated from the industry of “Lights, Camera, Action!” to “Darkness, Propaganda, Perversion!” The “Try Smashing Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star” shirt will allow you to start a conversation where you can talk about the evils of Hollywood and the disinformation of elites.

This shirt is a small part, but enough of a part to put Hollywood in check — America is more than aware of their unethical slander and will counter them with virtuous ideas and absolute facts. It’s time to stand up to the elites and band together in a war against an industry that is on the forefront of leading people astray.

Donald Trump’s star was a beacon of hope in Hollywood, but they rejected it.

And now we’re rejecting Hollywood. Let the boycott commence.

Grab a shirt here and fight back.

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