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Angry Fans Strike Back… NFL Stadiums EMPTY For Sunday Games


Months of player protests during the national anthem continues to have a devastating impact on the National Football League, with pictures emerging on social media of empty parking lots and vacant seats throughout the league.

As the NFL enters its sixth week of the season, sports fans continue to notice dwindling stadium attendance and even lower television viewership. Officials had hoped Commissioner Roger Goodell’s statement denouncing players who “take a knee” before the game would soothe the anger felt by many patriotic fans.

The NFL is struggling to ease tensions with furious fans over their professional athletes’ months-long protest of the national anthem. As ratings plummet, owners and officials are beginning to bar their players from “taking a knee” before the game. Last week, just two teams –the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins- banned their athletes from “disrespecting” the anthem and the flag.

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