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Adidas Sells Out America… Strikes Preliminary Deal With Kaepernick

I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be long before some company decided to ink a deal with anthem-kneeling Colin Kaepernick… assuming the below average former NFL quarterback could land a spot on a team.

But not in my wildest dreams did I think it would be a company like Adidas… which is sad because I buy a lot of Adidas stuff including shoes and apparel. But I can tell you this — I won’t anymore, and if this deal goes through I hope every patriotic American takes a stand and boycotts this once great company.

NewsMax reports:

Adidas wants Colin Kaepernick as a client if the controversial former quarterback can make an NFL team, an official for the sports shoe and apparel company said.

Kaepernick ignited controversy when he quarterbacked the San Francisco 49ers in 2016 for kneeling during the national anthem to protest alleged police brutality. He sat out all of last season when no NFL team signed him as a free agent.

“We love athletes that have a platform to make the world a better place,” said Mark King, president of Adidas’s North America division, who was at Arizona State University for the university’s Global Sports Summit, the Arizona Republic reported.

“If they’re an activist in a way that brings attention to something that moves the world forward, even if there’s controversy at that moment, we’re really interested in those athletes because I think it represents the world today,” King said when asked about Kaepernick.

“We’re not in the business of activism,” King said on the panel, per the Republic. “We’re in the business of sport. But allowing our athletes to tell their story, it’s really important to us.”

Kaepernick’s protests spread to other players in the NFL in 2016 and continued last year, sparking rejection from social conservatives and President Donald Trump, who called the protesting players unpatriotic, according to the Republic.

ESPN reported last week that the Seattle Seahawks postponed working out Kaepernick after the former signal-caller declined to assure the team that he would end his national anthem protest. A source told the sports network that Seattle was still considering Kaepernick but has not made a decision.

Kaepernick was questioned by NFL attorneys in New York a day after the aborted tryout in a lawsuit charging the league conspired to keep him out of the NFL, ESPN said.

The quarterback filed the grievance last October, charging that it was his activism and not his play on the field that has kept him out of an NFL roster, The Atlantic reported.

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