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Actor James Woods Cracks Code On Migrant Caravan’s “Impossible” Problem

Conservative comedian James Woods took to Twitter this week to break his silence on the army of migrants (some reports have the group at nearly 10,000 strong) marching toward the southern U.S. border.

With some simple math, Woods pointed out that the caravan of migrants has a VERY long way to get to the border — an impossible-sounding journey — but since they’re likely being used as a political stunt by the left, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the army of illegal invaders “magically” ended up on the U.S. border right around election day. See his math below:

The point he raises makes it so obvious that someone (George Soros?) organized this “march” at some point in order to get thousands of desperate, shoeless and hungry illegal aliens on the fences of the U.S. border for one sole purpose — CNN and MSNBC cameras. Imagine the optics of that and the pressure they could apply to sympathetic voters?

While President Trump has taken a strong stance on the unfolding situation, including threatening military intervention, he’s undoubtedly under severe political pressure to act. That didn’t stop him from publishing his real thoughts on what’s happening, and his supporters loved it:

In his one of his latest tweets, he called the situation a “National emergency,” which again indicates he’s willing to take major action to stop the caravan from crossing the U.S. border. How he does that is still anyone’s guess, but if there’s one thing we know about President Trump, it’s that he NEVER draws fake red lines.

The coming weeks will be a real test for the caravan, as they’ll have to cross through possibly devastated areas leftover from the Category 5 hurricane currently on approach to Mexico, which could further complicate their journey to freedom — or what they think will be their ticket to freedom.

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