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ABC Execs Have New Idea For “Roseanne” Show… Not Everyone’s On Board

The overnight destruction of Roseanne Barr’s wildly successful reboot of “Roseanne” on ABC will make for an interesting case study for decades to come. While Roseanne blamed her midnight “racist” tweets on taking Ambien, the damage was intense.

Lots of folks lost their otherwise successful jobs because of her actions. So ABC executives have a different idea that not everyone is on board with…

Dangerous reports:

After the controversial and swift cancelation of the hit show Roseanne, ABC may be planning a third reboot of the sitcom focusing on Sara Gilbert as the main attraction.

Perhaps having mixed feelings about killing their cash cow, ABC executives are looking into the possibility rebranding the show around Roseanne’s character’s daughter, Darlene.

TMZ reports that Gilbert has been putting out feelers to fellow cast members of Roseanne to see if they would be on board if ABC decides to pull the trigger. Reports say that top star John Goodman is “very interested.”

Show producer Tom Werner and his company Carsey-Werner is said to be campaigning for the spin off centering around Gilbert.

Roseanne was hastily canceled last month over a joke the star made on Twitter mocking Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett’s appearance.

It only took ABC brass an hour to fire Roseanne after she tweeted that Jarrett looked like a cross between “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes,” opening up room for left wing watch dogs to pounce on the only network show to feature a Trump supporter in a positive light with accusations of “racism.”

Roseanne’s ratings were the hottest for ABC since Who Wants to be a Millionaire nearly two decades ago.

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