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This Idiot Superintendent Is “Arming” Classrooms With Buckets of ROCKS

When we first spotted this story on the radar, at first glance we were sure it was a satirical story from The Onion. On second glance, we were appalled and highly concerned as we realized the story was true.

Listen, I hope the moron who came up with this idea is able to sleep at night, when a killer who shoots up a school is irritated when little kids are throwing rocks at him/her and he increases the body count. What a silly, shameful, embarrassing plan.

This is the best we can do? Come on.

Fox 2 Now reports:

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. – There’s a rocky controversy when it comes to school safety in one Pennsylvania County.

The superintendent of the Blue Mountain School District is in the spotlight after telling lawmakers in Harrisburg his students protect themselves against potential school shooters with rocks.

“Every classroom has been equipped with a five-gallon bucket of river stone. If an armed intruder attempts to gain entrance into any of our classrooms, they will face a classroom full students armed with rocks and they will be stoned,” said Dr. David Helsel, testifying to the House Education Committee last week in Harrisburg.

“At one time I just had the idea of river stone, they’re the right size for hands, you can throw them very hard and they will create or cause pain, which can distract,” Helsel told WNEP.

Helsel says teachers, staff, and students were given active shooter training through a program known as ALICE which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate and they routinely hold evacuation drills for active shooter simulations.

But if a teacher decides to lockdown a classroom, there are rocks in a five-gallon bucket kept in every classroom closet that students could throw if shooters get inside.

Still, Helsel says the rocks are seen as a last resort.

“We have devices installed in our doors that help to secure them, to make it very difficult to break through,” said Helsel. “We also have, we train kids and talk about barricading the doors.”

A teenager who is a senior a Blue Mountain High School and says he and other students like that plan.

“It matters because it will help protect the schools, anything helps, rocks are better than books and pencils.”

Parents do as well.

“At this point, we have to get creative, we have to protect our kids first and foremost, throwing rocks, it’s an option,” said Dori Bornstein.

But not everyone thinks this is a practical line of defense.

“I think that’s rather comical,” said one college student in Schuylkill Haven.

“It’s absurd, arm the teachers,” said a parent.

Helsel says the district has no plans to arm teachers, however, Blue Mountain does have a maintenance employee who is trained and certified to work as school security and is armed.

The district plans to have more support staff get the same training to act as security.



  1. Ronda Bratton

    March 23, 2018 at 7:31 pm

    Please tell me they’re joking. Please, I mean, I know they’re stupid, but this goes beyond that. So I guess when a nut or terrorist or muslim or whoever runs in they now will scream, allah akbar, go for the rocks and I’ll kill you! I’m so thankful I have no kids.

  2. Stew

    March 24, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    It is about time we gave something to help the children. Too bad so many believe nothing is better than something. I don’t think there is anyone who could do much when being assailed by a class room of kids throwing rocks.I would like to see 4 5gal buckets one in every corner.

  3. Sharon Jeanguenat

    March 24, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    What an idiot! How hard can a 5 or 6 y.o. throw a rock? Older students that are active in sports, MIGHT be able to do some harm to the shooter, but, bullets travel a whole lot faster than a rock! If shot from a slingshot it MIGHT travel faster, but only if user has a strong arm. Maybe teachers don’t need to be armed, but the principal, vice principal, or other office personnel need to be armed, trained, & WILLING to try to bring down the shooter.

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