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SIGN THE PETITION: I Nominate President Trump For A Nobel Peace Prize

President Trump has done what no other president has been able to do for decades — bring North Korea, the Hermit Kingdom, out of the shadows and into international diplomacy.

Once we meet our goal of 100,000 verified signatures, we intend to forward them to the appropriate channels at the The Norwegian Nobel Institute. Any nominating body at this organization will hopefully nominate President Trump — without hesitation — for the Nobel Peace Prize.

If you agree that Trump should receive this prestigious award, please sign the petition below!

Give President Donald Trump A Nobel Peace Prize


South Korean President Moon Jae-In has made it abundantly clear that the new, historic success in the relationship between North Korea and Kim Jong-Un have been a direct result of President Donald Trump's leadership and initiative. Because of this commendation, the world will petition that a Nobel Peace Prize be bestowed to the one who brought everyone to the table to talk -- President Donald Trump.

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