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News3 days ago

Anti-Hollywood Group Launches Controversial Trump Shirt… Donates Profits To Sex Assault Victims

The “Boycott Hollywood” movement is taking off in the wake of countless scandals, from Harvey Weinstein’s abuse, James Gunn’s pedophilia-themed...

News3 days ago

Kellyanne Conway Offers Perfect Suggestion To Kneeling NFL Players

Kellyanne Conway, one of President Trump’s close advisers as well as a staunch supporter of the National Anthem and all...

News3 days ago

Kurt Warner Turns On American Flag… Supports Anthem Kneeling Players

Kurt Warner, former all-star NFL quarterback and loved by many, completely shocked past and present fans last week when he...

News4 days ago

Major Police Unions Blast NFL Team For Kneeling… Urge Fans To Boycott The Season

Conservative, pro-America patriots love law enforcement, and the feeling is mutual. Just like a vast majority of military personnel and...

News4 days ago

Star NFL Players Hide From National Anthem In Locker Room

While a growing number of players are joining in on protesting the National Anthem — either by kneeling or raising...

News5 days ago

Here Are The NFL’s TOP 28 Corporate Sponsors… Time For a Boycott

The NFL has a public relations crisis on their hands after hundreds of highly-paid players decided to disrespect the very...

News5 days ago

America Strikes Back… NFL Starts Pre-Season Ratings In The Gutter

As we’ve been predicting for months now, the NFL is in for another very disappointing season for 2018-19. That was...


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