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News3 days ago

Papa John’s CEO Resigns After Dropping “N Word” On NFL Conference Call

The upcoming NFL season is already shaping up to be one of great controversy and distraction as new National Anthem...

News3 days ago

Lib Media Expected “Thousands” At Anti-Trump Rally… 3 Dozen Show

Liberal media outlets were thrilled over the past few days as they expected tens of thousands to show up to...

News4 days ago

Gorsuch Scored Massive Victory Over Abortion… And Liberals Are Really Mad

California is probably the abortion capital of the nation and until the Supreme Court stepped in, certain medical establishments were...

News4 days ago

Joy Behar Embarrasses Herself On National TV With Kavanaugh Remark

The Hollywood liberals are leading the charge for their sheep-like followers against Brett Kavanaugh — President Trump’s pick for the...

News4 days ago

Expert Says Democrats Literally Can’t Block Kavanaugh’s Nomination

Ask any Democrat right now if they’re going to try and disrupt Brett Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court and...

News4 days ago

Conservatives Take a Stand For Trump With Powerful New Shirt Slogan

Conservative Americans across the country who feel like fighting back against the liberal, fake news anti-Trump narratives shown 24/7 on...

News4 days ago

Democrat Senator Embarrassed After Making False Claim About Justice Gorsuch

Democrats are already kicking and screaming in the wake of the news of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme...


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