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News2 days ago

Trump Pulls Plug On VA Swamp… Fires 1,470 Gov. Employees To Save Veterans

President Donald Trump is not holding any punches — he’s had no problems firing all the incompetent individuals who have...

News2 days ago

Amazing Photos Of Billy Graham’s House Show He Was A Humble Man To The Very End

Despite amassing millions of dollars in book sales over his lengthy career, Billy Graham always resorted to leading a humble...

News2 days ago

Midwest County Declares Itself “Sanctuary” For Unborn Babies… Liberals Furious

Even though the town is in Illinois — perhaps the most left-leaning state in the Midwest, there are a lot...

News2 days ago

Liberal Media Ignoring What Obama Did To Families At The Border For 8 Years

It’s funny how the liberal media is hounding the Trump administration about the separation of families at the U.S. border,...

Breaking3 days ago

BREAKING: Trump Announces Plans For Sixth Branch Of Military… “Space Force”

President Trump has already done several amazing things since taking office last year, but one of the more fun and...

News3 days ago

Chick-fil-A Employee’s Actions Show Why It’s Such An Amazing Pro-Christian Company

Chick-fil-A has become a target of the liberal, Godless media because the company has taken a stand for Christianity on...

News3 days ago

Man To Mow Lawns For Free Across Country For Elderly, Veterans, Single Moms

This kind of story gives me so much hope that today’s generation of children, young men and women, aren’t a...


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