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America Strikes Back… NFL Starts Pre-Season Ratings In The Gutter

As we’ve been predicting for months now, the NFL is in for another very disappointing season for 2018-19. That was already proven after last week’s opening pre-season game, which is usually a pretty big deal given it’s the first football action of the year.

But that wasn’t the case, according to ratings trackers.

TVByTheNumbers reported:

“Predictably, NBC dominated the night with its broadcast of the Chicago Bears vs Baltimore Ravens preseason game, which scored a 1.8 rating in adults 18-49, pending updates. While this was still the highest-rated and most-watched broadcast of the night, it was down from the 2.2 that last year’s first preseason game had scored on the network.”

The initial guttering of ratings is obviously due to the outrage by former fans who have grown sick and tired of the NFL (and many of its players) not having the respect or courage to stand up while the National Anthem plays before a game. The NFL has wavered back and forth on its stance, only further proving its lack of fortitude in enforcing rules they set for the millionaire players in the league.

If this pre-season is any prediction of what’s to come for the regular season, the NFL could face serious financial distress — including major-brand sponsors pulling ads, decreased merchandise sales, decreased ticket sales and overall a net loss of fans.

Commissioner Roger Goodell better pull a rabbit out of his hat sooner than later, because at the rate they’re going, with two massive football competitors set to challenge the NFL over the course of the new few years… let’s just say that the NFL  could very well be on life support sooner than later.

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